Khuyen Dinh Photography: Blog en-us (C) Khuyen Dinh Photography (Khuyen Dinh Photography) Wed, 25 Aug 2021 04:39:00 GMT Wed, 25 Aug 2021 04:39:00 GMT Portland – To All The Books I've Loved Before Here's the thing: the book series by Jenny Han was actually set in Virginia. But the movies are set in Oregon. Call me biased, but I think it would have been perfectly fine, and perhaps even better, if Movie Peter was committed to UVA instead of Stanford like in the books. 

Nevertheless, I was excited to visit a new state. I have never been to Oregon and I have a goal in life to visit all fifty states (and all mlb ball parks) so I was pretty excited for this three day excursion. So, on Tuesday, my brother, his wife, and I packed the car and drove the three hours to Portland, Oregon!


To be honest, it was not what I expected. It was kind of like a smaller Seattle but by the river rather than the Puget Sound or Lake Union. It was very clear to me that they had been hit hard by COVID and the BLM events-- needless to say, 2020 was a hard year for Portland. 

The first night, we got Tapas and settled in for the days ahead of us! The trip was shorter but with everything in Portland closed, we seemed to fit a lot of the "staples" in in the few days we were there. 

My brother recommended that we block out a part of our day to go to Powell's Books and I am glad we did. I think we spent about three hours in that massive bookstore. Powell's Books is the largest independent bookstore. They have new, used, and rare books in this massive store. It occupies an entire city book and is over 68,000 square feet. The store has nine color-coded rooms and over 3,500 sections and in 2009, they were buying around 3,000 used books a day.

We then went for a walk around the city and found ourselves at the waterfront. We had dinner at a nice restaurant on the other side of the city and then went to one of my favorite attractions of the entire place -- a smores bar. It was called the 1927 Smores Company and it was such a highlight of the trip, despite the fact that we had spent maybe 10 minutes in there. This company needs to go nationwide because it was revolutionary to me. 

The next day, we walked to VooDoo Donuts and then picked up some Blue Star Donuts. These were two famous Portland Donut shops that needed to be compared to side by side. I honestly might have liked Voo Doo Donuts better because they were more fun and less sweet than Blue Star. I compared the horchata donuts side by side and found myself liking Voo Doo more, which was almost surprising as the general opinion was that Blue Star was a clear winner. Either way, I loved trying all of the desserts around Portland. 

The city was not at all what I expected but I think perhaps it was a different city prior to the pandemic. It did reaffirm my love of the Pacific Northwest and how much greenery is around though. I will say, finding all of the 'must see' places that you read about on Pinterest was quite easy considering they were near by other landmarks that you might have already been meaning to try!

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Seattle – My Own iCarly Reboot Frasier, Sleepless in Seattle, Ten Things I Hate About You. Some of my favorite media to continuously watch and rewatch. Plus, it's kind of fun to watch media that you have a connection to and can understand geographical references. I go to Seattle pretty frequently. I  want to be able to say I know the city pretty well, but I might know Chicago a little bit better. Seattle is just a little more spread out. 

Anyway, I write this on Pacific Coast Time in Seattle. I always come home from Seattle a little more granola than when I left but it's best that way. My preppiness could always use some granola elements: I think and hope it fits my personality. When I was here in January, I snowshoed in North Bend and hiked Discovery. Now due to the record breaking heatwave that has hit Washington, I have been doing a lot of water sports. (Luckily, I somehow missed the heatwave in Washington by a couple of days, and the heatwave in the other Washington) My highlights from this round in the evergreen state are paddle boarding on Green Lake, kayaking on Lake Union, a fully operational Pike Place Market, and lot's of record and book shopping. I truly was able to have the granola indie experience that comes with frequenting Seattle so often. 

This is my fifth time to this city in the last four years and I usually go for a week or two at a time and I find that there is always something new for me to see and while the list of things I have not seen gets smaller every time, I never seem to get bored.

As soon as I could, I walked down to Pike Place. I never saw it completely empty but there was something so joyous about seeing it completely full. I had seen drone footage of the empty streets of Seattle and even saw some for myself in January but this time at Pike Place was incredible in reflection of the past year. 

There are so many things I recommend in Pike Place. Beechers Cheese, the French Bakery (my mom is obsessed with this one), the chowder in post alley, the GUM WALL, watching the fishermen sing. But there are a couple of staples that I never pass up while I'm in Pike Place. It's a short list: Rachel's Ginger Beer (not exclusive to Pike!). Dozen a Day Donuts, and walking around the flower stands (I'm obsessed with peonies, and Washington has the most beautiful ones I've ever seen). I did not go to Shug's Ice Cream Parlor but I usually do! It's such a sweet retro ice cream parlor which such fun and simple flavors! 

I recommend the Blood Orange flavor, but the seasonal flavors are always fantastic! This one was Raspberry and Hibiscus.

The next day, we went paddle boarding on Green Lake! The current was quite strong and I kept getting pushed toward the bushes but I did not fall in! I could hear the Chiquitita music playing as I rowed myself out there. 

And later that night, I headed to the Mariners game! They played the Angels and so we got to see Shohei in action. The Mariners got a homer and the fireworks went off -- it was incredible considering how the Mariners are not the best team in the league. If you ever have a chance to go to T-Mobile Stadium, you MUST go to the upper deck on the fourth level. It's a beautiful overlook onto the city skyline and the water. There was a group of guys and their fathers who made the trip around to all of the baseball stadiums in the country as their last hoorah after graduating from college; they were welcomed on the screen and I happened to run into them at the top of the roof. Such a fun trip and great guys! That's something I missed about traveling too: meeting and getting to know strangers and a bit of their stories. Plus, being at a baseball stadium at full capacity gave me so much affirmation that sports is something I am super passionate about. 


The next day, we made the trip out to West Seattle. It's normally not such a trek but the West Seattle bridge was going to collapse so it took a bit longer than it should have been. We went to Easy Street Records. I have a poster in my room at UVA of the Seattle ABCs. E was Easy Street Records. I was nervous heading there, that it would not be that cool and not worth putting on a poster but boy was I wrong. 

It's not humongous, but it's large enough to be in awe; especially for a record shop. It's also a restaurant, bar, and cafe. I came out with Landmark by Hippo Campus, Remote by Wallows, a Beach Boys album, some Beatles Rarities, and a Debussy recording. West Seattle was also having a bit of a flee market. We then went to Alki Beach for lunch at Harry's Beach Pub. 

In Seattle, there are not that many actual beaches. They often look like this, and yes people still treat it like an actual beach. Sure, the water is a little too cold to actually swim in, but that does not bother the children. I then had a night to read and relax. On Sunday, I kayaked across Lake Union. I started on South East Lake and kayaked all the way to Gas Works Park. I even passed by the house boats (the very same that Tom Hank's character lived in in Sleepless in Seattle). It was a tough work out but really fun and peaceful. You can see the entire Seattle Skyline and suddenly, Seattle seems so big and so small at the exact same time. 

I spent some time at the University toward the end of my trip. My Seattle staples are Rachel's Ginger Beer and Molly Moon's Ice Cream; two things I got on my last full day in the city. I also got to try Salt and Straw and picked up two new books while I was here. I have millions of recommendations for Seattle and the list continues to grow every time I come back here. I used to never consider myself a West Coast person and I am not completely sure that I am, but I do know that I want to be able to know Seattle like the back of my hand and I'm getting closer and closer with each visit. 

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Connecticut – Living My Best Rory Gilmore Life I always make a promise to myself to keep writing on this blog and yet here I am, more than a year later writing about my travels yet again. But overall, I am feeling so blessed to even be writing about my travels after the crazy year we've just had. 

I have also been lucky to say that my trip to Connecticut in early June was not my first travel in a year. I have been lucky and fortunate to travel back to Seattle for an extended period of time and quarantine in the Pacific Northwest, travel to our neighboring states, and go back and forth to Charlottesville quite frequently. But, if there is anything I have missed during this quarantine, it's traveling to new places and talking to new people. 

So, in early July, I took the train all the way to New York City to meet up with a sorority sister and go with her to her hometown in Connecticut for a couple of days! Being back in New York City was truly exciting and definitely different; I was experiencing a post-covid world and you could definitely tell the remnants of a quieter city. Chelsea Market was super quiet with several empty stores and the high line had a few vendors but not many.

We sped walk around the High Line, something I have never been to before this trip! Such a fun perspective of the city with the greenery that I am always looking for in urban settings. 

Us hustling for no particular reason on the high line. East Coasters walk fast and I stand by that.

We grabbed lunch in the market and went shopping downtown. Everyone has their favorite place in the city I feel, and unfortunately, mine is the M&M store. It's ironic, but also not at all. It seemed so much bigger and magical when I was younger. I do not even like M&Ms all too much, but it felt necessary and Claire had never been. 

Deep in the heart of Times Square, we had to go inside the magical world of M&M world. 


We took the train back to Connecticut. Another state crossed off my list. I've been to many coastal cities in my life but this one was everything I expected: an east coast coastal city. Mind, I've also been quite obsessed with Gilmore Girls since the beginning of quarantine last year so I was sure hoping to see a troubadour on the corner of a quirky little diner and to be honest, I did find one. 


We grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to New Haven. We walked around Yale and I attempted to live my best Rory Gilmore life. We even stopped into the Museum of British art.

Lots of great women artists in this museum

I got to try some New Haven pizza which lived up to the hype. I was recommended Peppy's pizza by a dear friend who and I quote said "The only reason I think you could go to Connecticut is to try the pizza. Peppy's". Apparently, it's New Haven Pizza is a thing and now that I've tried it, I can certainly attest. The Foxon Park sodas were not too shabby. Now, did it beat a 99 cent Diet Coke from Cohn's on the Corner? That's debatable. 

Claire and I ended the night by having a double feature of Luke Benward films: Dumpin' and Cloud 9. I also made the decision on this trip to begin collecting the Starbucks Been There Mugs.

The next day, we had a great breakfast and I hopped on the train! The longest train ride I've ever been on but the same length as a plane to Seattle. 

I really missed getting to see new things and places and love that I now have so many friends in these different cities to show me around. I could not be more grateful to get to sit on a train for six hours and see how people live in cities so different than mine. Here's to more travel after this crazy year we've had.

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Philadelphia – Less Than Twenty Four Hours WOW! I meant to write this before all of the COVID-19 craziness but this is also a time that is allowing me to sit down and truly write this. I hope that all of you are keeping calm and finding things to keep yourselves busy. This post will be about my day trip to Philadelphia but my next post will include what I am doing to hopefully provide inspiration for the days to come.

About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go visit one of my best friends at his college in Philadelphia. I had not been to this city since my freshmen year of high school when I went on a trip with my school orchestra. On that trip, we saw the Philadelphia Orchestra, went to the art museum, ate at Reading Market, and got a chance to see the city. We also were able to perform and go see the Liberty bell. It was incredible to have a fun trip to not only compete but learn some United States history. We even went around the US Mint! We were only able to have a certain amount of time in each place and I know I did not spend all the time that I wanted to in these places. So, I had three requests: the Art Museum, the Magic Gardens, and Reading Terminal Market. I knew that I had seen most of the art museum but as a huge fan of any and all art museums, I was looking forward to see what new exhibitions they had added. I also wanted to see the Magic Gardens because I had not been before and wanted to experience beyond the photos I had seen on Pinterest. Lastly, I love farmers markets and markets of any kind. From the local farmers markets here as well as Union market, to my time spent in Seattle with their famous Pike Place Market, I am a huge sucker for any market.

The View from the top of Union Station

The night before, I hopped on my train. The drive through D.C. was already gorgeous and I have been loving any and all sunsets recently so I was thrilled when we parked on the roof of Union Station. I also love trains. I was able to catch up on my book; I am the SLOWEST reader when it comes to books for pleasure (I am currently reading “I’ll Give You The Sun”!) and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get somewhere with it. There were many students on the train, attempting to get home for Spring Break, or at least that is what I assumed. I like to people watch and guess their stories. I arrived around 8PM where Nico was waiting at the wrong staircase with his camera out ready when I came from behind. I had been hit with a bit of work emergency so I dealt with that on my way to his university’s senior showcase which was very entertaining. I could feel the energy of being at an art school immediately. That night, I was able to meet his friends and it was enlightening to be in rooms filled with people passionate about acting and theatre.

The next day, we woke up pretty early because we wanted to have breakfast at this pretty popular place called Green Eggs Café. There is usually a line out the door so we wanted to ensure we would get a table. We got lucky and were able to sit down immediately. The café had wonderful lighting and a great ambiance; and you know the menu is amazing when you just can not decide (I was in between red velvet pancakes and the breakfast burrito… I got the burrito). I also ordered the Nutella Latte and all of their juices were squeezed in house. Amazing. The next time I am in this city, I will be going there again and I recommend it to anyone going; however, they are cash only yet conveniently have an ATM in house. After, we walked around the city and around the shops. None of the shops were open so we killed some time in the Barnes and Noble until our Uber arrived to take us to the Art Museum.

The Philadelphia Art Museum has the famous Rocky Steps leading up to the gorgeous building. You can typically see groups of people running up the steps to commemorate the famous movie. We ran up it as Nico sang the Theme Song. We then were able to walk around the Museum (free of charge for youth!). They had an interesting exhibition that gave me a bit of a Black Mirror vibe and honestly, I am unsure of what it was trying to convey despite reading all the information plaques. Oops. They also have a lot of European and American art; we walked around picking our favorites and kept running into exhibits that reminded us of our High School Theatre productions. 

The Philadelphia Art MuseumThe first thing you see when you enter the doors.

We also ran into Pippin somewhere along this journey.

Still full from breakfast, we then went to the Magic Gardens. We were lucky to receive an immediate ticket inside as well as a discounted ticket for being students. It was more confined than I expected it to be but a really fun place to run around in and take pictures. I was, however, very nervous about falling down the steps because landing on all of this stained glass was not an adventure I wanted to have. After making a couple of rounds, we had seen all of it. We sat in the sun for a bit, looking around reading the walls.

Walking around the Magic Gardens The Magic Gardens

We walked around the city some more and took a couple of breaks. We then indulged in my shopping addiction (I’m working on it😊) and went back to the shops. I had to stop at Urban Outfitters and use one of my many rewards and then through the most gorgeous Anthropologie I have ever seen.

I had to include a photo of the Anthropologie.

We then ate dinner at Reading Terminal Market. Wowie it was so crowded! It reminded me of Pike Place Market but all food on one floor and a lot tighter. We pushed past so many lines in order to see all of the stands and we still missed plenty. After luckily finding a table and eating, we waited for a long time in line for donuts. I had never heard of these donuts before nor eaten one but when I see a line, I feel intrigued to get in because that means whatever is at the end is worth it. But boy was it worth it: Beiler’s Donuts. I had to get six and bring some home for my family (I mean they had one with lucky charms on it! I don’t need to try it to know that these guys are for real.) I ate a single oreo donut while we were there... they were worth it. 

The Oreo Donut. OMG. Still thinking about it.

We rode the train home and I read my book as well as mentally prepared for my tomorrow: a 15 hour work day but one of my most favorite days of the year. Will write about that soon too. I had a blast and was so lucky to be able to travel before all of the crazy. Here's hoping future travel plans don't get cancelled; stay safe! Thanks for reading. 

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The Farm To Table Experience Lately, I have been loving farmers markets and the idea of the "Farm To Table" experience. I have been finding that all of my favorite restaurants lately are "farm to table" based which is only a plus to their awesome food. My favorite restaurant right now is Founding Farmers; they have several locations in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area and that is definitely where you can find me for any special occasion ever. 

My internship with local newspapers allowed me to discover the farmers markets in my area. I was tasked to write a couple articles on the markets in my local area, forcing me to attend and get to know not only the customers and market managers but the vendors. The whole experience allowed me to not only accomplish my goal and write my articles, but get to know new people and local businesses. Somehow, this made the products they later convinced me to purchase taste a million times better. 

One story that stood out to me in particular was one of Esther Riverson. 

This is Esther. She used to be a teacher but now owns Kingdom Gourmet Foods, a non-profit based in Springfield. All of the proceeds from their products go towards the CITA Foundation and provides educational opportunities and resources for underprivileged children in Africa as well as other developing countries. It was so great getting to know her this morning as well as try some of her "Friendship Bread" which was so awesome that I purchased a loaf to take home!

This story was so profound to me because the fact that this company is a non-profit did not rise out of our conversation until the very end and I had stopped the recording. I decided to purchase a small loaf of friendship bread that my little brother loved and found the name charming. 

Fresh FruitMy current favorite shot with some of my favorite fruits as the focus.

I also spoke to a local customer at this particular farmers market that comes every week with her dogs and they share a cup of cookies and cream ice cream and greet the vendors. I am loving the sense of community that I was able to capture from only being there for less than two hours. 

The next week, I found myself at a market a little closer to home yet I never knew existed until now. Honestly, I did not know a lot of these markets existed until I was prompted to research them. This was a little smaller of a market but each of the customers and vendors I spoke to described it as a little family; and they all said this separately without my prompting or mentioning of the other quotes I had collected. 

After interviewing the owners and bakers of PattyBakes which is based near me, they gave me a free scone which I was all ready to purchase for myself. It was so delicious so I definitely recommend looking into PattyBakes for scones and cookies. Even just standing there interviewing them, they constantly had customers so my interview kept having to be paused; I did not mind at all, I was so happy for the local business and even happier with a delicious scone in my hand. It truly made my day. It allowed me to recognize the power of community and nice people. 


Patty Bakes

I am currently in Seattle, Washington. A popular destination in Seattle is the Pike Place Market which is probably one of my most favorite places in the world, not to be dramatic or anything :). From the fresh flowers to the constant bustling of customers and vendors, it is a place that is almost surreal as you are walking around. It is seriously almost impossible to not purchase a bouquet of flowers, plus the singing fishermen are cool too. 

Obviously, we had to stop by while we are here. This is my third time in this city and I never fail to visit while I am here but there is another blog post about my favorites in Seattle coming up so I digress. We also were able to attend the Ballard Farmers Market which was the biggest Sunday farmers market I have ever attended. There were vendors that varied from fresh produce to roasted corn to tacos and even mini donuts and popsicles. If you know me, you know I have a major sweet tooth so I have to partake in some mini cinnamon donuts and a strawberry popsicle, as well as some peaches because I couldn't resist; and this was directly after breakfast. 

Pike Place Market

I have attended four markets in the last three weeks which I would have never expected but it has inspired me to attend more in different cities. I want to encourage farmers markets because of all of the benefits. It is so much more sustainable, you get to know you vendors, and it is simply better for the environment. After speaking to customers and vendors, it is so wonderful to truly get to know who is growing your favorite products and what you are putting in your system. 

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Looking Back Reviewing my old blog posts, my favorite one has to be my first one highlighting my yearly transformation from 2015 to 2016. It is hard to believe that I have had my website for four years, and I hope to continue to have it for years to come. It is always crazy to see how things change throughout the years. If I haven't made it clear yet, my recent shoot with Corinne is definitely a favorite and I recently remembered my first shoot with Corinne back in my freshmen year of high school. 

It was a creative shoot, before I started shooting more from a journalism stand point, with a quick studio set-up and a lot of glitter. 

Not only is this shoot so crazy to me because of my choices, but look how young Corinne looks! If you wanted to look back at this shoot with me, it is found under "Fun Shoots". 

Even to this day, I freaking love glitter- more than I am willing to admit. I was obsessed with doing studio shoots and getting creative with how I could possibly use the light. I loved throwing the studio lights behind my subjects to give them a halo of light and for this shoot specifically, I wanted the light to reflect off of the glitter on their faces. 

Check her out now! I love seeing my own improvement because I simply feel so proud of myself. It is an incredible feeling to see improvement without even feeling it: a big reason why I love to document any of my work. 

I have also definitely found my light. I have found that a lot of my photos from when I first began shooting were incredibly dark because I loved seeing the shadows yet now I find myself boosting my shadows up and playing with the Lights and Darks as well. 

I pride myself on my creativity when it comes to personal shoots but I fear that I recently have not kept in touch with my creative side. This summer is truly allowing me to continue and almost come back to my roots, plus it is nice to be able to drive myself to my own shoots now. :)


Although I would rather not write about the same shoot two weeks in a row, I can not stop obsessing over this one and I hope you agree with me. I also find that these type of posts about transformations and improvement upon craft are always so interesting to me so I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. 

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Discovering New Styles For the longest time, I have been meaning to come up with my own personal presets that I could use and that would become distinctly mine. While I do have my own presets that are my "go-to's" when it comes to photo editing, I wanted something that I could easily use on social media and Instagram: one that I could use on the daily and become my own personal style of media. 

I have always been drawn to cooler colors and bright whites; always pulling my whites out and increasing my highlights and lightening my shadows. While I am still attempting to perfect it, many close friends have asked me to create a preset for them. What a challenge! I would love to encompass their personality in a preset, if even possible. 

Recently, I have been yearning for more creative shoots. I felt I was shooting extremely journalistically and while it was not intentional, it created inspiration for more fun shoots reminding me of the photo shoots with friends that I constantly had when first beginning photography. Wanting to go back to those days, I felt like my "Current Import" folder was constantly filled with jobs and tasks rather than photos for my own enjoyment. Thus, I called up my good friend Corinne and explained my dilemma. Corinne is an amazing adventure friend and I am so grateful to have her for this and many reasons more. 

With this shoot, came a new style of editing. I had been looking on YouTube and tutorials on different types of presets. This preset is inspired by Tezza on Instagram and totally worked for this garage photoshoot. 

I also felt I never went through the "parking garage" phase as a photographer. 

Corinne is also a style goddess. This gorgeous dress is from Urban Outfitters, like most of her outfits from this shoot. Corinne and I are Urban Outfitter fanatics... wouldn't it be a dream to work with them some day? 

This grunge theme is outside of my comfort zone but so enjoyable to work with. I am so used to working with pretty greens and spring so the change in scene was appreciated and stunning to the eye. To work with fashion rather than an event or senior portraits was so different and extremely needed. 

This location also played towards my love of bright whites and neutral cool colors.

It was quite the challenge working in such an open space! I am so used to working with trees, buildings, and grass. To shoot in an urban space was eye-opening and presented me with "fashion photography". To stray away from styles that I am ever so used to was wonderful and allowed me to get in touch with my creative side once again. I hope this summer is filled with more of these shoots that challenge me artistically. 

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Recent adventures Last I wrote on here, I was raving about football games (as always). As sad as I am that "Friday Night Lights" are over, I am excited to take on the rest of junior year. I hope to make the most of the scariest year of high school. 

2017 has been full of so many adventures and that does mean travels. I have been so lucky to have gotten to travel to so many cities all in one year. This year I have traveled to Seattle, Chicago, London, Venice, Paris, Boston and Dallas and quite honestly I can not pick a favorite. 

I fell in love with Seattle! I went with a couple of students for a journalism class and I can not wait to return! It was such a gorgeous city, and rained only TWICE when I was there! There was no flaws in the entire trip and I am so excited to return later this year. 

You can view my travel diary of Seattle here:

Most recently, I have traveled to Dallas! I have never traveled to Texas before but it was quite the experience. We visited Fort Worth and attended a high school football play off game! I was so excited to be given the opportunity by the National Student Press Association to take my camera and take photos of the football game! Football in Texas is absolutely crazy and I can not begin to describe the experience it was. The energy was ten times the energy at football games in Virginia. Their band was 600 students; that's the size of my class and here I thought my school was big. I met a friend who lived in Los Angeles and we got to exchange stories and life experiences. I have always loved traveling because I get to meet people from all over the country and see how my life is different than theirs. I still follow all of the people I have met on trips on Instagram, and I love seeing their posts because I get to remember the conversations I have had with them. 

Marching Band

Now that it is finally 2018, I am so excited for all of my travels and new adventures. My resolution is to hydrate, read more, and remember to breathe. I also hope to truly discover the town I live in, take more photos and video and own more prints. I have just received the HP Sprocket and I am OBSESSED! I carry it on every adventure I go to and it prints out a little print just from an app on my phone. I also hope to take advantage of my polaroid and how cheap prints are at Costco! :) 


Thank you so much reading! 

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Football Games! Ahhh! School starting isn't the best thing in the world but one of the highlights is definitely the football games!!! I am so excited that games are starting this week and since they are, I thought I would post some of my favorite football photos from last year on here! :) 

This was from the Lake Braddock game. Definitely the most crowded and always the most exciting and hyped up :) Homecomingggg!! This is one of my favorite photos because it was used for a full page spread in the beginning of the yearbook. Rain does not stop the student section one bit. I can't decide if I love rainy games or not because they definitely are a pain in the neck.


Another favorite!!! Homecoming is super early this year and this is definitely up there on my top ten shots of the school year last year! Isn't she so pretty :')

This is absolutely my most favorite shot from any football game last year. Also from one of my favorite games. I took this from the top of one of the male cheerleaders shoulders. Honestly an experience. This was taken on senior night. The marching band is just as fun :) Senior night photo of the drum major Noah Bayer.

These two:) Sam Sikora (Right) and Shaun Salehi!!! These two kept me company along with Dave Yim on the sidelines. I am going to miss shooting with Sam a whole lot. Who is going to hype up the student section without him now??

I may not be too excited for school but I definitely am for football games. Being on the sidelines is definitely a completely different experience than being up in the stands. This is probably one of the highlights of the school year. Will follow up on transformation photos very soon. As always, I will be posting my football photos into the sports section of my site:)

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Senior Portraits One of my favorite things to shoot is definitely portraits and with the school year starting soon, I am offering senior portraits! I charge $50 an hour and provide a flashdrive with all of the photos on it and an 8x10 professional print of one of your photos! You can contact me through the contact tab on this website, or DM me through my twitter @k_dinh06 ! OR you can book one here 

I charge $50 an hour and provide a flashdrive with all of the photos on it and an 8x10 professional print of one of your photos! 

The photos will come without a watermark. 

You can contact me through the contact tab on this website, or DM me through my twitter @k_dinh06 ! OR you can book one here 

Thank you so much for reading! :) 

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A Year In Review + A Transformation On December 4th of 2015, I was sent on my first assignment, the band's annual 'Tiny Tots' concert. It was such an enjoyable experience and viewing my photos and seeing what I was and could be capable of was amazing. I didn't realize it then but looking back, that concert for children playing holiday songs, changed a lot for me. Continuing on, I attended the DECA Fashion Show, wrestling and gymnastics meets and soon baseball games which led to softball, lacrosse, girls soccer, tennis and track. Today, a little over a year ago I have been to over 40 events and taken more than 30,000 photos. 

I am so grateful for my peers for supporting me, my family for driving to all of these sporting events I wasn't even participating in, and my teachers for dealing with me. I realize I will 100% be writing a more extended version of this senior year. 

One of the most impacting and motivational experiences in what I do is going back and referencing photos I took a year ago versus what I took today. 

DECA Fashion Show 2016:

Lina Fuller Amanda St. Claire DECA Fashion Show 2017:

Lina Fuller Amanda St. Claire

And the most motivational for me...

Tiny Tots 2015:

Tiny Tots 2016:

I am so excited to see what I create within 2017, all of the adventures, and opportunities. One of my favorite parts of what I do, is the reaction I get from people when I post my photos. Thank you for all of the support and all the more to come. 



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Welcome! This is a place for me to place my projects and all of my favorite photos. I started shooting around last year when I got curious of all of the equipment my older brother and my dad had laying around the house. A little while later, I am being asked to take pictures at sports games and concerts, publishing in the yearbook, seeing my work on social media and taking portraits for friends. It's a little crazy to think I didn't even know how to use a camera (off automatic mode) a little over a year ago. I really hope you enjoy my work and feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook. :) 

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